Hi everyone, and welcome to my little corner of the radio control world. I started flying radio controlled aircraft back in December of 2010, with a Dynam E-Razor 450 helicopter which I purchased from Xheli.

I eventually got the hang of it, and moved up to a larger helicopter. An Align 500 ESP flybarred helicopter. Shortly after getting the 500, I joined the AMA and joined my first aeromodelers club.

From there, the addiction grew and in 2011, I found myself going to my first helicopter fun fly. It was OHB (Orlando Helicopter Blowout). I was hooked at that point, and I was determined to learn as much about building, setting up and flying as I possibly could. 

I love everything about the hobby. Especially the amazing people I have met along the way, and the strong friendships we have built over the years.

This website is dedicated to those people, and everyone who shares my love and passion for the RC hobby. Thank you so much for visiting my site, and I`ll see you at the flying events. :)

I would like to give a special thank you to all of my sponsors: Miniature Aircraft, Kontronik, Pulse Battery, KBDD International, Bavarian Demon, HeliDirect, and Xpert RC USA for the privilege of being on their flight teams. I love each and every one of you.