NX7 Update


I finally got the YS Power Pipe to complete the engine change in my Gaui NX7 yesterday. I got around to installing them and the helicopter up today, and I`m really happy with how the pipe looks on the helicopter.

I have to say that the finish on the pipe is a lot nicer than the finish on the Hotri pipes I have been using, and I hope it works as good as it looks. One of the nicest features of the YS Power Pipe, is the fact that it has a solid mount instead of a header. Also, the mounting screws go through the pipe mount and screw into the engine`s exhaust port. Which makes mounting the pipe a whole lot easier.

I did not get a chance to run the engine today, due to rain. But I will try and get to the field after work tomorrow to set/fine the throttle end points, and possibly make a few flights with it. Weather permitting, of course.

I will post more about the pipe and motor as I get it dialed in over the course of the next couple of weeks.