Gaui NX7 and YS96 SRX Tareq engine.


Today, (July 4th 2016) I got to the field at about 07:30 and immediately started flying my NX7. By 09:30, I had already put six flights on it with the YS96 SRX Tareq engine and YS Power Pipe.

I am still running the engine very rich, and even though it is not completely tuned yet, it is still making a ton of power. I spent from 07:30 til about 15:00,  flying it back to back. Pausing only long enough between flights to let the engine cool down. I lost count of the number of flights I got in today, but I did burn almost two gallons of 30% Rotor Rage....the second gallon has maybe one flight worth of fuel in it.

I don`t have a flight timer set in my transmitter, but I`m guessing the flights are somewhere around 5.5-6 minutes on a blubbery rich engine. I hope the flight times will increase once the engine is tuned for power, but if not, I won`t complain. I do plan to run it a tad on the rich side anyway, since YS engines don`t mind running rich.

I have heard some say that the YS96 is a hard engine to tune, but I really have to respectfully disagree. I`m finding that it is quite easy to get and keep a tune on it. It also starts up very quickly and easily as well, using 30% nitro and an Enya #3 glow plug.

I really like this engine and pipe combination, and I think I will like it even more when I get it tuned. Once I get the tune dialed in, I will post my needle settings in a new blog post. Gaui NX7+YS96SRX Tareq engine+ YS Power Pipe= a winning combination.