New Helicopter day


Over the past couple of years, I have been building a lot of helicopters. But none of them were for me, they were for friends and others who needed help with building and setups. So this time around, I`m getting to build one for myself.

I had been planning on building a GAUI X5V2 for myself, (still might do that) until GAUI announced to the team that they were working on a new machine. We were told about it about midway through 2019, and I decided I would wait for this one instead of doing and X5x at this time.

The helicopter I`m speaking of, is the GAUI NEX6. This helicopter can be built as a 6s electric, a 12s electric, or as a nitro helicopter...accepting 50-60 size nitro engines. The kit comes out of the box to be built as a 6s electric, and can be upgraded to 12s electric or nitro by purchasing the 12s or nitro upgrade kits, sold separately. The upgrade kits are around $100 for the nitro upgrade, and $65 for the electric upgrade.

 I chose to go with a 12s setup, simply because I had the 12s system already So it was more cost effective to go with that instead of spending money on a 6s power system. The build was very easy, and the kit has a pretty low parts count compared to some other kits.

The NEX6 has a belt driven tail, and the drive train is very smooth. It will swing up to 610mm main blades, and 82mm-95mm tail blades.  It also incorporates the use of the GAUI R5 (GAUI`s speed model)  rotor head, which is very nicely built. There is also TONS of room for electronics mounting, which makes for very clean wiring jobs. Which I am a stickler for.

It is a very light helicopter, weighing in at 8 pounds ready to fly (my personal setup) as a 12s. Without the flight battery, mine is weighing in at about 5 pounds.

The canopy is brightly coloured and is easy to see from long also matches my KBDD 600mm Extreme Edition main blades and KBDD 95mm CF tail blades very well.

My personal setup is:

Xpert KD1 cyclic servos

Xpert KD1T tail servo

Bavarian Demon AXON fbl

KBDD 600mm Extreme Edition main blades

KBDD 95mm CF tail blades

Pulse 12s 3000 mAh 45C stick packs

Scorpion Tribunus II 200A ESC'

Scorpion backup Guard

Scorpion HKIII 4025-550 motor

Jeti REX7 receiver

Jeti 200A MUI sensor

NEX6 kits and parts are available at So if you want the most versatile 600 size helicopter on the market, order yours today. You`ll be glad you did.