New Transmitter Day


I have been flying with a Jeti DS-16 carbon edition transmitter for close to five years now, and it has performed flawlessly for me from day one. I have been considering getting another Jeti for buddy boxing new prospective pilots, and today, I decided to go forward with that decision by purchasing another transmitter.

But rather than purchasing a DS-12 or a DS-14, I thought......why not upgrade my main transmitter, and use my current one for the buddy box transmitter? Sooooo.... I went ahead and ordered a newer DS-16 G2, to use as my primary system. I chose the carbon red one, and it looks HOT.

I will be taking delivery of it on Saturday 8-21-21, and I should have all my models in it by the following weekend. I`m really excited about this, and I can hardly wait to get my hands on it. The photo below, is from aeropand`s ( ) website, and not my actual transmitter. I will be posting an unboxing video soon, on my youtube channel.  ( ) and posting more blogs about it as well.