F3C contests


I never thought that I would be a competition pilot, but  I`m really enjoying competing in F3C. It is so much harder than it looks, and I think that`s why I like it so much. I`ve always been the type who loves a challenge, and the harder the challenge, the more I like it.

F3C has given me all of that and more. It gives me something to work for, and it`s just a lot of fun. Instead of going to the field and doing fast 3D flying, I`m getting used to flying slowly, and precisely. Which is very difficult...especially with windy conditions.

I`m definitely not at the master level, (I compete in sportsman class right now) but I`m progressing nicely, and maybe by next year I can moved up to the next class.

 I have competed in three contests to date, with the Helicopter Nats in Muncie Indiana being my second contest. I placed 7th of 10 at the Nats, and I`m very pleased with that. I was up against some very good pilots, so 7th, was a real accomplishment. I earned 2nd place finishes in the other two contests, first one was in Homestead Florida and my second contest was in Tampa Florida.

The helicopter I compete with is my Miniature Aircraft Whiplash 730E, which has been set up strictly for contest flying. So it will no longer see any 3D or hard flying. I don`t want to take a chance of crashing it, because it takes forever to get them set up and tuned for F3C competition.

I have my Whiplash Nitro, and Fury 57 for when the 3D bug hits me, so there is no reason to risk damage to my contest helicopter. However, with that being said. Miniature Aircraft did present to me another Whiplash 730 kit,(which I am VERY grateful for) to have as a backup to my main contest helicopter.

Once I get it build, set up and tuned.....it will also be reserved for F3C.