Engine Trouble


Well...well...well. Seems I made a rookie mistake when I rebuilt my OS105 last time. While I was installing the wrist pin retainers, I damages one of them (bent it a little) and caused it to not seat 100% correctly. The result was the retainer coming out and getting into the piston liner...not a good day...LOL. It did a LOT of damage, and resulted in a pretty large repair bill.

I knew I should have changed the retainer out, but I didn`t, and my engine payed the price. Live and learn, I guess. I have the parts ordered, and it shouldn`t be long before my engine it back to normal.

Xpert USA


Hi everyone. I`m pleased and honored to announce, that I will be representing Xpert USA for the 2020 flying season. I have been flying Xpert servos exclusively, for a couple of years now and I have been very happy with them.

I`m looking forward to working with Xpert USA in the 2020 season, and hopefully for many years to come. Thank you Xpert USA, for this amazing opportunity. :)

X7FZ Down!


Well, it`s been a while (July 2017) since my last crash, and today I had one. I was cutting the short grass on the edge of the runway at the flying club, and I cut a little too low. Yep... dropped it into the ground, right on the head button.

When it happened, I really thought "this is going to be expensive". But I was pleasantly surprised, when I started looking the helicopter over on the table.

The damage was very superficial, and consisted of nothing but one servo horn being stripped, and the main gear losing a couple of teeth. The main blades weren`t even damaged. In fact, the field suffered more damage than my helicopter did.... LOL. A large part of that may be due to all the rain we have been getting, which softened up the ground. But I`ll take it.

Hopefully, I can go another few years before the next one, but that`s all part of the game. I have to admit though.... that crop circle is pretty nice. ;)

Pulse Battery


I`m happy to announce that I have joined the Pulse Battery field rep team. I have been flying Pulse batteries in my helicopters for a few years now, and they have never let me down.

They produce plenty of power, and they can take whatever I throw at them. I want to thank Cong Huan Bui, for giving me the honor of representing a brand that I truly trust and believe in.

KBDD International


Hi everyone.

I`m very happy and honored to announce that I will be representing KBDD International for 2019, and the foreseeable future. I was given the opportunity to fly these rotor blades for a few weeks prior to joining the team, and I am very pleased with the performance of these blades.

I want to say thank you to Ah Clem, and Justin Aven, for allowing me the privilege of being part of the KBDD family.