2024 Virginia Spring Fling


The Virginia spring fling is officially in the books, and we are home safe and sound. My sister and I departed our homes early on Wednesday May 1to begin our journey to Virginia. Since we live on opposite sides of Florida, we thought it would be best if we met at the welcome center on the Florida/Georgia line.

Once we met up, we had some lunch, stretched our legs for a while and then continued on with our adventure. We drove all day, stopping a couple of times to rest and refuel. By about 8PM, we had made it to North Carolina. We were tired from driving all day, so we decided to get a hotel room for the the night. We got up the next day and had a nice leisurely breakfast at Crack barrel, and then finished the drive into Virginia.

We arrived at the event sometime around noon.....ish, and immediately started socializing with all of our friends, and even made a few new ones as the week progressed.

 Neither of us had ever been to spring fling before, so it was an amazing experience for us. The Fredericksburg area RC club`s field is absolutely beautiful. It has two very large flying areas, air conditioned showers and restrooms, and an air conditioned clubhouse. It is truly one of the nicest flying fields we have ever visited.

We didn`t fly the first day, but we made up for it on Friday. Grace and I must have flown at least 10 times each, and I was having a lot of fun doing autos.

When we were not flying, Judith from Miniature Aircraft was taking photos of the team. so I decided to ham a little for the camera. I`m glad I did, because I love the photo she took of me so much, that I made it my new FaceBook profile image.

Friday night after the flying wound down, we all went to dinner at Poco Loco Mexican restaurant, Which is only 2 minutes away from the field. That place was amazing! The food was really good, and the service was outstanding. After dinner, we went back to the field, and tried to get some sleep. That didn`t happen, because we had our tent set up too close to the night flying area. So we decided that Saturday.... we were going to move to a hotel. We ended up in the same hotel as the team, so we still didn`t get to bed as early as I wanted to...Hahahaha.

Saturday and Sunday were not as nice as far as the weather went. It was cold and misty on both days, but it didn`t stop the party. There was still a lot of flying going on. Mitch and Josef were also testing the new Interceptor 700SN, which should be available very soon.

Miniature Aircraft was one of the major sponsors of the spring fling, and we definitely made a showing. Josef and Judith donated two helicopter kits to be given away in the pilot raffles as well. An Interceptor 600G, and a Fury 57SN.

Also..... We had the pleasure of meeting Simone Zunterer from Germany. She is such a wonder person, and she is a LOT of fun to be around. I hope we get to see her again very soon.

If you have never been to the Virginia spring fling, you should definitely put this event on your calendar. Grace and I had been putting it off for the longest time, because of the long drive. But it was well worth the trip, and it`s now on our list of must go events every year.

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who works so hard to make this event happen. You guys are awesome, and we all appreciate your hard work and dedication to the hobby.

I would also like to thank Josef and Judith of Miniature Aircraft, for all of the support that they have given to me over that past several years. I love you guys so much, and I will see you at the next event.

2023 TORCHS Winter Bash


On December 8-9-10, 2023, The Orlando Radio Controlled Helicopter Society (TORCHS) held their annual Winter Bash. The Winter Bash is a radio controlled helicopter fun fly that should be on every RC helicopter pilot`s calendar.

It`s a fairly large event, which took the place of an event we called OHB...the Orlando Helicopter Blowout. This year, there were a little over 100 registered pilots, and at least that many spectators.

One thing that I really enjoy about the Winter Bash is that it is a very relaxed setting, and there is no pressure to do demo flights of contests. It`s just a bunch of like minded friends getting together to have some fun, and to catch up on what`s happened since the previous year.

My main sponsor, Miniature Aircraft, traveled all the way from Germany to attend the event. I had such a wonderful time hanging out with Judith and Josef, and the entire team that weekend. We flew our helicopters, promoted the Miniature Aircraft brand, and just enjoyed the event during the days. But our fun did not stop there. In the evenings, we all went out to have dinner at some nice area restaurants.

My sister Grace and I usually do tent camping when we attend events together, but this year... we decided to treat ourselves to a hotel for the weekend. We stayed at the same hotel that the rest of the Miniature Aircraft team stayed, which caused us to have even more fun. Having a hot shower, a warm bed, and A/C really appealed to us too. So We`re thinking of staying at that hotel again next year.

Raja was there as well, putting on an awesome show with his Whiplash Turbine. That helicopter always draws a crowd when he sends it up. He was also showing off his incredible auto rotation skills with the turbine, and his Whiplash gasser. 

If you have never attended the Winter Bash, it is truly an event to consider. It`s a lot of fun, and there is always a good time to be had. Not to mention, that there are food vendors on site to keep us fed and happy. Plus the pilot raffle is always really good, with a lot of high dollar prizes being given away to a lot of lucky winners. 

So come on out to the TORCHS Winter Bash next December, and have a great time with us. I`m already planning for it. I hope to see you all there.

As always...... Safe and happy flying to everyone. :)

2023 Fall heli Classic and F3C contest


A couple of weeks ago I attended the Fall Heli Classic and F3C contest at triple Creek RC club. Triple Creek is located in Riverview Florida and it is a very nice field.

The turnout was pretty good with somewhere around 40 registered pilots showing up for the fun fly and general flying. The F3C contest was my focus as it has been for the past couple years. There were about 8 of us competing. 5 flying P and F schedule with myself and two others competing in Sportsman class.

My first 3 rounds were really good, and gave me a strong lead. But in the 4th round, I had a stroke of bad luck. I crashed my model during the aerobatic maneuvers, which caused me to lose the round. Having no backup model with me I had to finish the last two rounds with my Whiplash nitro. Which is a 3D helicopter, and nowhere close to being set up for contest flying.

I didn`t do nearly as well as I could have done with my contest model, but I did well enough to secure first place. I have won Sportsman a few times now, and I fell that it`s time to say goodby to Sportsman class and move up to advanced class. The next contest is at AMPS flying field in Miami, Florida in March, so I have lots of work to do to get ready for the advanced class.

I would like to take a moment to give a heartfelt thank you to all of my fantastic sponsors. I couldn`t do this without you guys. :)

Miniature Aircraft. HeliDirect, KBDD International, Bavarian Demon, Pulse Battery, Xpert Servos, Kontronik Drives.

IRCHA 2023


My sister Grace and I started our adventure to Muncie Indiana on 8-7-23, to attend IRCHA 2023. we took two cars, and communicated with each other via our phones for the entire trip.....I`m glad we both have unlimited talk and text.

We stopped a few times for gas and refreshments, and also at a couple of highway rest areas, to just get out of the cars for a few minutes. The trip up to Muncie was very smooth, and relatively traffic free, and we were able to make good time. We stopped to get a hotel room in Williamstown ( I think that`s the name of the town) Kentucky, and turned in for the night. 

The next morning, we got up and loaded the helicopters back into our cars, and went for breakfast at a nearby Cracker Barrel.....Their biscuit benny is fantastic, BTW. After breakfast we topped off the gas tanks, and got back on the road. We arrived at the AMA headquarters at around 16:30 on 8-8-23, and began setting up our camp.

Once camp was set up, we started walking around and saying hi to all of our friends, whom we had not seen since the last event. Then we came back to our camp, and just relaxed and let the fatigue from the long (21 hour) drive wear off.

IRCHA was officially kicked off with the National Anthem, with JC Zankl flying our beloved American Flag around the flight line from one of his vintage helicopters..... It gives me chills every time he does that. Thank you JC, for doing that for us. I for one REALLY appreciate it.

Day one and two were a little slow, and there was not too much going on. It was mostly just a meet and greet for everyone to catch up with each other and just hang out. After that, it started picking up as more and more people started to show up.

Miniature Aircraft was there in force, and we had a lot of fun doing demos, and showcasing the new Interceptor as well as the new Sukara rotor head and swash plate.

No helicopter event would be complete without the Whiplash Turbine, and we had a few of them on hand. Cade, and Raja put on some spectacular flights with their Turbine Whiplashes, and they really drew a crowd when they fired them up.

Cade has a smoke oil pump on his Turbine Whiplash, that allows him to pump smoke oil into the exhaust of the engine. Making for a really cool effect when flying. It was truly amazing to watch when he was doing 3D with his Turbine Whiplash.

Although IRCHA 2023 was not as large as previous years, I still call it a success. I had a great time, caught up with a lot of old friends, and made a lot of new ones too.

I also got to do demo flights for Miniature Aircraft, Kontronik Drives, and Helidirect on Friday and Saturday. Plus I competed in Battle of the Brands again this year. I didn`t do as well as I did last time though. I was asked to do it a day before the contest, and I didn`t have any musik, or a routine. So I had to get Leroy to play a hip-hoppy song foe, and wing it....LOL I had a great time though.

But I`m going to be ready for them next year. I`m going to have musik and a routine worked up.......just in case...LOL.

I want to give a very... VERY big thank you to Josef and Judith of Miniature Aircraft for all of the amazing support that they have given to me over the past few years. They are truly wonderful people, who have a deep passion for RC helicopters and the entire RC helicopter community. Team Miniature Aircraft are not just a team. We`re family.

Miniature Aircraft Interceptor 620 Gasser


Miniature Aircraft has been working on a new gas powered 600/620mm helicopter, the Interceptor. They were kind enough to send me a pre release prototype for testing a couple of months ago, and I have really been enjoying it a lot.

The Interceptor is designed around the OS GT-15II gasoline engine, which is actually a .90 size engine. The OS GT-15II doesn`t have quite enough power to support a .90/700 size helicopter, but it`s a perfect match for the Interceptor.

The Interceptor has a belt driven tail, and a large 30mm diameter carbon fiber tail boom which eliminates the need for tail boom supports. This gives the Interceptor a very clean and sleek look, and leaves fewer parts to break in a crash.

The tail rotor is unique, in that it may be installed on the left side of the tail boom like the Fury 57, or on the right side of the tail boom like conventional RC helicopters. I think that`s really cool and innovative.

The Interceptor is roughly based on the Fury 57, and they do share quite a few parts. So if you have a Fury 57, and plan to get an Interceptor, you won`t need to worry about having too many different parts for the two helicopters.

The canopies, however, are not interchangeable between the Fury 57 and the Interceptor. The canopy colour choices for the Interceptor will be Yellow (the one I have) red, blue, orange, green, pink, and American Flag theme. 

The landing gear for the Interceptor have been redesigned from the design which come with the Fury 57, and can also be mounted on the Fury 57 with a couple of mounting plates.

The Interceptor is pretty light for a 600/620 helicopter with a .90 size engine as well. Mine weighs in at 9.5 pounds, with a full tank of gas and the receiver battery installed.

It`s a fun little helicopter to fly, and I have been putting a lot of miles on it since I received it. I am still in the engine break in process, because it flies for a long time on a tank of gas. Even on the factory rich needle settings, I`m getting almost 20 minutes of flying per tank. I have to run an entire gallon of gas through it before I can start tuning for power or doing any 3D with it, and it`s taking quite a while to get through this first gallon.

Once I get the engine broken in and tuned so I can really start flying it, I will start posting flight videos on my youtube channel  (https://www.youtube.com/@GeenaTucker )

My personal setup is as follows:

Bavarian Demon AXON FBL

Xpert R2 cyclic servos

Xpert R2T rudder servo

Aerospire Multigov Pro  governor

KBDD 620mm Extreme Edition main blades

KBDD 96mm CF tail blades

Jeti DS16 II radio system