IRCHA Helicopter Jamboree 2018August 1-5 2018Muncie, Indiana AMA HeadquartersLargest RC helicopter fun fly in the USA 
Triple Creek fun flyAugust 11-12 201812705 Balm Boyette Rd
Riverview, Florida 33579
Electric only event. Helicopters, multi rotors, and airplanes 
Fall Helicopter Classic and F3C competition October 27-28 201812705 Balm Boyette Rd
Riverview, Florida 33579
Helicopter only fun fly and competition

TRAC Charity Fly-In November 10, 20187208 Taylor Road. Seffner, FloridaRC helicopter, airplane and multi rotor fun fly for charity

TORCHS Winter Bash December 7,8,9 2018Ocoee, Florida

The Orlando Radio Control Helicopter Society 3D FUN FLY

Fall Helicopter Classic
October 26-27, 2019
Riverview, Florida
Helicopter fun fly and F3C competition
TORCHS Winter Bash (Formerly the Orlando Helicopter Blowout)
December 5-9, 2019
Orlando, Florida
Helicopter Fun Fly

2020 IRCHA Jamboree                                  August 5-9 2020                     Muncie, Indiana                      RC Helicopter Fun Fly
2021 AMPS Heli Smack Down                      March 19-21, 2021                  Homestead, Florida                Helicopter fun fly and F3C contest
2021 Helicopter Nationals                             August 1-4, 2021                     Muncie, Indiana                      Helicopter National F3C championships
2021 IRCHA Jamboree                                 August 4-9, 2021                     Muncie, Indiana                      RC Helicopter fun fly
2021 Triple Creek Watt Fest                         October 9,2021                        Riverview, Florida                   Mixed Electric Only Fun Fly
2021 Fall Heli Classic/F3C contest               October 23-24, 2021                Riverview, Florida                   Helicopter Fun Fly and F3C contest
TORCHS Winter Bash                                  December 10-13, 2021            Orlando, Florida                      Helicopter Fun Fly
AMPS Heli Smack Down 2022                     March 18-20, 2022                   Homestead, Florida                Helicopter Fun Fly/F3C contest