Miracle RC electric fuel pump


I have been using a Hobbico electric fuel pump to fuel my nitro helicopters for some time now, and I have been happy with them so far. But I saw a nice looking pump, made by Miracle RC that I just had to try. I found it online at Graves RC Hobbies, located in Orlando, FL.

It`s made of 6061-T6 aluminum, and it`s very nicely machined. It has a three way toggle switch on the end that allows it to pump the fuel in, or reverse the fuel flow. There is one minor con with this pump, and that is the ability to mount it…or the lack there of. The pump is designed to hang from a metal can, like the ones VP fuels are shipped in.

So there is a tiny hook on the end of the of the pump, where the fuel tubing connects, and two very small and weak magnets machined into the base of the housing.  ( see photo below) These magnets are designed to hold the pump to the side of the fuel can, and I can tell ya right now…. they DON`T work.

Don`t get me wrong, it`s not a deal breaker, because the pump works so well. But it would have been nice if a $70 fuel pump, would have been designed with a better way..or just a way to fasten it to a field box.

With a little creativity, I was able to get it mounted onto my field box, and it looks pretty nice on there. I used it quit a bit at the field today, and it worked flawlessly. It has a pretty high volume output too, which is nice when you`re filling a 22oz helicopter tank from empty.  It`s also very quiet when it`s running. So far I`m happy with it, and it seems to be worth the price of $70.

Trying something new


For years, I have been running YS engines in all of my nitro powered helicopters. A few weeks ago, I realized you just don`t know what you don`t know, ( a quote from the guys at RC Heli Nation) and I decided to give OS engines a shot. That decision led me to the OS 105 HZ-R DRS engine. I chose the 105 HZ-R, because I like crank case pressure over muffler pressure to pressurize the tank. Not that there is anything wrong with muffler pressure, it`s just my own preference. 

As I was taking it out of the box, I could tell that a lot of thought went into designing this engine. The head has a beautiful blue anodized finish, and the crank case is also nicely made, and free of any sharp edges. 

The engine came with two extra head shims (one .01mm and one .02mm) and a glow plug (OS#8) I`m a big Enya glow plug fan, but I decided to go ahead and give the OS#8 a try. So far so good. I have almost three gallons of fuel through it already, with no issues. 

I left the stock shimming alone, ( it comes with a .02mm shim installed) and I`m running Cool Power 20% nitro in it for now. I may try some 15% later on down the road though.

Since I have always been a YS user, I did not have a suitable pipe to run on this engine. So What other choice did I have, but to pair it with a Matt Botos ProTune 105 pipe. The ProTune pipe was desisgned and tuned specifically for the OS 105, and it shows.
There are two things that I noticed about the pipe, that I really love. First, the exhaust outlet is almost twice the inside diameter as any other .90 size pipe I have seen or used to date. The second thing, is that the inlet port on the pipe`s header is exactly the same size as the exhaust port on the engine. No airflow restrictions there! 

This pipe not only looks good, it performs too. This engine/pipe combination is making incredible power, even though I`m still running it a little on the rich side. The sound of this pipe is also something that needs a mention. It`s hard to describe it, but it gives me chills when I hear it. It has a very clean, deep, and smooth sound that I have not heard from any other pipe.

I`m going out tomorrow, (May 19, 2019) to put some more miles on it, and maybe put a fine tune on it. My experience with the OS 105 and ProTune pipe has been a very pleasant one so far, and I like it more and more with every tank of fuel I burn. 

I think I can safely say that I would highly recommend this engine/pipe combination, to anyone who wants to take their .90 size nitro helicopter to the next level. 

Pulse Battery


I`m happy to announce that I have joined the Pulse Battery field rep team. I have been flying Pulse batteries in my helicopters for a few years now, and they have never let me down.

They produce plenty of power, and they can take whatever I throw at them. I want to thank Cong Huan Bui, for giving me the honor of representing a brand that I truly trust and believe in.

KBDD International


Hi everyone.

I`m very happy and honored to announce that I will be representing KBDD International for 2019, and the foreseeable future. I was given the opportunity to fly these rotor blades for a few weeks prior to joining the team, and I am very pleased with the performance of these blades.

I want to say thank you to Ah Clem, and Justin Aven, for allowing me the privilege of being part of the KBDD family.

Xpert KD1 servos


For the several years, I have been using BK servos exclusively. I actually purchased my first full set of DS-7001 cyclic servos and DS-7005 tail servo, only a couple of days after their release in 2013. 

I have been very happy with their performance and reliability, and I am certainly not switching brands for any other reason than to try something new. 

I have been using the Xpert KD1 servos now, for about a month, and I`m kind of still getting used to them. But I am really liking them so far. One of the coolest things about them, is how they start up. When the electronics are initialized, the servos actually chime. Kind of how an ESC chimes through the motor when you plug it in.  Then...instead of quickly "jumping" to center, they slowly move to center. 

They also have overload protection, which shuts the power off to them in the event of power overload. Probably one of the most thought out part of these servos, is the ability to be unplugged at the servo body. No more unwiring the whole helicopter to change servo gears, or to do maintenance checks. 

They came to me very nicely packaged, with two different lengths of servo plugs and a few stickers. The cases they came in even have little slots that hold the servo in place. 

They are very well made, and look great too. But they fly even better. These things are fast, very smooth, and have way more toque than I`ll ever need out of a servo. I have 30-40 flights on them so far, and I`m really enjoying flying them.  As I get more comfortable with them, I`ll have more input to share. So stay tuned in for that. 

As always, Happy and safe flying. :)